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School Project

Education is very important wherever you live but in Malawi children have to walk several miles (barefoot) each day to reach a school and thats only if they are lucky enough to own a school uniform  as you cannot attend school in Malawi if you don't have a uniform. As you can see from the photographs we have been able to raise the money to buy most of these orphans a school uniform.  Now we are trying to build a small school in the village in order that these children can further there studies and have a chance at a better, brighter future. After all, everyone deserves a future don't you agree?!

SCHOOL BUDGET is as follows

1. Cement 30 Bags  1 Bag is £10    Total £300

2. 3 Doors  1 Door is £24                  Total £72

3.  Paint                                             Total £120

4.  Labour and Transport                   Total £320


Once the building is completed we will need equipment, desks, possibly funds to pay a teacher etc.