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If you would like to help us please have a look at the list below and if you are able to donate anything then please don’t hesitate to contact myself (Sophie Davison) either via this website or email me [email protected]

For Sophie Nursery School:-

 Stacking toys

Toy cars, planes, lorries etc

Counting games

Alphabet games


Flash cards

Crayons, pencils (coloured and normal)

Colouring books

Story books

Number/Letters posters


Toy animals

Footballs, Netballs, small soft play balls

Musical instruments ie recorders, tamborines


General basic needs:-


50p will feed one child for a day ( 2 meals of porridge/nsima)

£3 will buy one chicken (a luxury food item for most Malawians) –

this could be kept for a time to lay eggs which is also a great food source for the children.

£4 Per tray of Eggs

76p will buy 1kg of Rice

£20 will buy enough rice and chicken to give all the children who attend Sophie Nursery School a delicious lunch. (this is a huge treat for these children).

Blankets x 65 (it gets very cold at night) - All the children now have blankets (April 2011)


Clothes-Ages 1yrs to 13yrs –


Boys Cotton T-Shirts/Shirts - Really need ages 5yrs to 12yrs

Girls Cotton T-Shirts/Blouses

Boys Cotton Shorts/Trousers - Really need ages 5yrs to 12yrs

Girls Dresses/Skirts

Boys and girls underwear (cotton)

Flip flops


The children are looked after by 11 ladies who live nearby and take turns to voluntarily take care of them each day. It would be really nice if we could get the ladies a uniform each as an incentive and kind gesture for their hard work.  The amount needed is £100 to get the material for the uniforms. 


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