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Disaster hits Southern Malawi Jan 2015

In January Malawi was struck by devastating floods. The floods this year are the worst Malawi has seen in history and over 1 million people have been affected with hundreds having been killed. The floods have washed away thousands of homes therefore hundreds of thousands of men, women and children are now displaced and currently seeking refuge in the many camps that have been set up. Please note that although there are tents for people there needs to be many more as hundreds of people are sleeping per tent (many are sleeping in the open air).  Malaria is a high risk in Malawi and a major killer therefore these people require mosquito nets to prevent disease! 

These people have lost everything they owned including their crops which were their only means to survive and make a living.  They literally had to run from their collapsing homes and many waited for days clinging to trees before being rescued and taken to safe areas. 

Thousands of schools have also been washed away and those which are still standing are homes to many Malawians. The children are missing out on education because of the situation however people have been trained and are helping to teach the children at the camps with what limited resources they have.

Sanitation is an issue and temporary toilets have been built in the camps.

Many roads are impassable therefore getting essential items such as food, clothing to the camps is quite a task and so they are receiving very little aid in some areas - this is resulting in many cases of malnutrition.

Although Malawi is covered in water (15 districts out of the 28 have been declared a disaster by the President) there is limited access to clean drinking water. There is now a cholera outbreak and many children under 5yrs are dying of diarroeah! Up to March 14th there have been 90 cases of cholera in one district alone - Nsanje. My friends nephew, Charles Faramenga, who lives in this area has been helping the people in the camps and is able to  liaise with myself and my friend Gertrude Butawo therefore keeping us up to date with what is happening, what is needed and helping transport goods to the camps. 

February 2015 - Assistance provided by  Sophie Davison

Following discussions between Gertrude Butawo, Charles Faramenga and the Organising Committee at Khuluvi Camp the following was purchased and delivered -

22 x 50kg Bags of Maize - 154,000 kwacha (£248.00)

80 x 500grams packets Salt - 16,000 kwacha (£25.00)

Transport Costs to and from the camp - 20,000 kwacha (£32.00)

Please see photos in 'Khuluvi Camp photos'.

Comments from the camp - "Sophie , the children, parents and administrators of Khuluvi camp are so thankful for what you have done to them.  They have asked me to express their gratitude to you on their behalf. So here you are: thank you and God bless you richly".

March 2015 - Assistance provided by Susan Davison

Susan Davison who is a 'Knitting Machine' has very kindly posted the hats she has knitted so far for the children - 32 in total which should arrive in a few weeks and will be gratefully received as it will soon be the winter season and it gets very cold at night.  Thank you Susan (MUM).

Also cracking on with knitting is my Auntie, Kathleen Middlemiss, in Durham who is knitting hats and scarves like myself although I can only knit scarves and I have knitted 6 so far.  Thanks Auntie Kathleen.

Sue in Liverpool is also knitting and is managing to collect childrens clothes etc from local charity shops which I will send when I have enough for a big box or container. Sue is also going to help at my forthcoming fundraiser for the Nursery School and is hoping to arrange a future fundraiser for the flood victims (fingers crossed) - Thanks Sue.

Also received 2 donations from Julie Nash, Burton on Trent and Irma Taylor, Burton on Trent. Very kind of you both - I will purchase mosquito nets when I go over in May. Thank you.

195 Toothbrushes have been sent by myself and received by Gertrude Butawo - these will be delivered to the camp March 20th/21st with the following which I have sent money to buy -

200 x Big soaps (can be used to wash bodies and clothes) - 18,000 kwacha (£29)

200 x small toothpastes - 24,000 kwacha (£38)

Also to be delivered will be water purification tablets x 800

Transportation cost - 3,500 kwacha (£5.64).






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