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Lets produce drinkable water from our water pump - Water is a basic human right

A water pump which was installed in the village a few years ago unfortunatley produces salt water which cannot be drunk by the children/villagers and at the moment they can only use the water for washing etc. This means that they have to use river/lake water.

There is a solution - Solar powered desalination - this system is not only simple and effective with no further costs once set up and running but will also mean that rainwater can be utilised and as well as removing the salt from the water it also purifies the water making it safe to drink. The village would have a constant suppply of ready to drink water.

Each solar panel costs £300 (each produces 15-20L clean water per day) and we are aiming to buy 4.

We are very lucky to be able to access safe drinking water as easily as we do - lets make the children lucky too :)


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